DIY Candy Cane Slime โ€“ How To Make Homemade Fluffy Peppermint Candy Cane Slime โ€“ Easy & Fun Recipe For Kids โ€“ Holiday Slime โ€“ Winter Activities โ€“ Party Favors

Enjoy this fun DIY candy cane peppermint slime this Holiday season

Add white glue to a bowl Stir shaving cream to the glue.

Next add ย foaming hand wash and mix well.

Add cornstarch and body lotion & stir โ€“ this will make your slime fluffy and stretchy.

Add a bit of peppermint extract or candy cane essential oil and mix together. Add baking soda Now slowly stir in contact saline solution until it forms slime.

Work the slime with your hands and here is what the batch of white slime should look like at this point โ€“ set aside and make red slime.

Repeat the same process, except this time, use clear glue and stir in red paint ย follow the rest of steps to complete slime.

This will make your red slime

Now you should have a batch of white fluffy slime and red fluffy slime that smells amazing.

Make homemade slime while watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music or have your Elf on the Shelf bring slime!