DIY Dyed Easter Eggs! How To Dye Easter Eggs With Skittles Candy

DIY Easter eggs don’t have to be hard and using this coloring technique will have you on your way to stress free egg dyeing. Use this creative way to a naturally DIY Easter eggs dye idea.

While this is not a way to dye eggs without vinegar it is super cool and you won’t be disappointed. This is a fun way to dye eggs for kids of all ages and baby and toddle safe.

How cool would it be to see your children’s eyes light up when you pull out Skittles candy to dye Easter eggs?

Skittles Candy Dye Easter eggs – super fun! With Easter just around the corner it’s time for simple and cool Easter activities for dyeing Easter eggs.

Now you can try the coolest Easter egg dyeing technique with this Skittles candy idea. Yes, learn how to make Skittles candy dye Easter eggs.

Place skittles of one color in a cup.

Add one hardboiled egg.

Next add vinegar.

 cover the egg.

Let sit for a few minutes then mix with a spoon.

Repeat steps 1-4 with other skittle colors.

Let the eggs sit in the cups for 15 minutes, then take out and set on paper towels to dry.

You can reuse the skittle water for 1-2 more uses.

Store in fridge then enjoy.


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