Easy slime recipes to make homemade slime for Halloween that kids, teens, and tweens will love.

No borax spooky eyeball slime made with plastic eyeballs โ€“ scary and spooky DIY red slime.

How To Make Eyeball Slime

Diy Witchs Brew Fluffy Slime Recipe For Kids

DIY fluffy slime with no borax โ€“ made with baking soda โ€“ contact solution and shaving foam โ€“ then place in a mini cauldron with spiders.

How To Make Magical Monster Slime

2 ingredient slime (3 if you count the eyes). Made with glitter glue โ€“ so fun!.

Vampire Slime

Super easy and spooky Halloween slime with 2 ingredients โ€“ 3 if you count food coloring. Super quick slime recipe that kids will love.

Glow In The Dark Slime

Fun homemade slime that is quick to make โ€“ made with borax and glow in the dark paint. Great Halloween slime and fun for parties โ€“ great Halloween theme party activity.

Easy Diy Googly Eyes Slime

Whip up this slime in no time at all with just a few simple ingredients and no borax slime.

Homemade Spider Slime

Glitter spider slime that kids, teens and tweens will love. Stretchy and cool slime.

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